Kintampo Municipal celebrate 66th Independence Day Anniversary

As Ghana marks its 66th Independence Day Anniversary, on the 6th of March, the Kintampo Municipal was not left out of this year’s celebration which was a colorful parade at the College of Health and Well-being Pack on Monday Morning.

The parade which was commanded by the Personnel’s of Kintampo Municipal Ambulance and Ghana Fire Service saw School children drawn from twenty-five (25) Primary Schools and twenty-five (25) Junior High schools, Two (2) Senior High Schools including a community Development Vocational Institution, Municipal security forces, Natlas, Garages, Red Cross Association, were all present at this year’s independence parade.

The parade also drew spectators from all walks of life and ages. With school children highly visible at the ground, Mr. Baffoe also touched on the education sector in the Municipality which has seen improvement and called on stakeholders to support and congratulated Kintampo Senior High School for their excellent performance in last year’s WASSCE.

The Municipal Chief Executive reminded the people that our strength would come from resilience, determination and hard work as Ghanaians; we should remain steadfast, committed to growth and development despite the many obstacles we face as a country. 

He entreated Nananom to genre their efforts and focus on creating a better future for Ghana and embrace the theme. He then encouraged teachers, parents, assembly members, religious leaders and all stakeholders to direct their individual and collective efforts in fighting drug abuse which has become prevalent among the youth.

The MCE mentioned that the government has initiated several flagship projects to promote the development of the country such as the one district one factory (1D1F), which initiative is to promote and establish Ghanaians and giving them jobs despite our challenges as a country.

He said the theme “OUR UNITY, OUR STRENGTH, OUR PURPOSE” was chosen to consider achievements and strides sectors such as Education, Health, Energy, Youth Employment and the Economy have made. 

Madam Esther Ottah the Municipal HIV/AIDS Coordinator used the occasion to educate the public on HIV/AIDS in the municipality, our behavioral intervention, the Municipal state of HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS being real, we should be bold and get tested now and so on.

Play out were displaced by children with the inscription; Be faithful to a partner, do not use needles used by someone, choose less risky sexual behaviors, you can’t get Aids if you aren’t infected with HIV, Prevention is better than cure, don’t inject drugs etc.

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